Taking Part

Please Note. Applications to perform at Chazzstock 2012 are now closed

We are looking for eager volunteers to work at the festival, for the duration of the event and, also, for the set up and dismantling of infrastructure. In addition to the willing "foot soldiers", we also need help in some key areas. Some of these roles will require more than a few hours of your time on the day. You need to be prepared to put in some time in the run up to the event and, in some cases, will need to be available (pretty much) 24x7 in the days before and during the festival. So here's our list:

  • Stage Manager. You will need to make sure that the flow of equipment on and off the stage runs smoothly. We will be working to a very tight deadline and (around 30 minutes for each change-over) and don't really want to find ourselves with no time left for the head-liners to perform! This is one of those roles where we really could do with a seasoned pro. It requires a good understanding of all the kit that you find on stage; an ability to draw up a plan (probably having some input into the running order); and the patience to make sure that the foot soldiers are utilised effectively. We should complete the build of the stage (including sound & lighting) by Thursday evening. We would hope this person can be on site by Friday morning, (at the latest), to make sure that everything is set up correctly and deal with any technical needs from artists, crew, etc.
  • Market Manager. Before the event, you will help attract traders, select the most suitable applicants and ensure that we have a good spread of food, drink, goods and activities. You will also be involved in the final planning of who goes where and ensure that all traders requirements are met. Traders will have to arrive (at least) on the day before the festival starts - depending on when the local authority want to perform their Health & Safety/Risk Assessment checks. So you will need to be on-site to receive and organise traders (including directing them to allocated parking, camping & plot); liaise with risk assessor; and be on call throughout to deal with any problems. Will also need to ensure that traders are abiding by our Terms & Conditions and are off the site by the agreed time on Monday.
  • Artist Liaison. You know how difficult artists can be! And sometimes you have to wonder if they are being deliberately stupid! The artist liaison person needs to make sure artists: get all the necessary info about the festival; get help with directions, transport, accommodation, arrive on time, etc. And, when they get here, ensure they are helped through the check-in process; are "nourished"; get on stage when they should, etc. Bear in mind that artists really struggle with figuring out day and night, so this person will need to be "on call" 24x7 for the week before the festival, through to the day after.
  • Funding/Sponsorship/Charities Liaison. You would think giving money to charity is easy! Nope! It seems that charities are, in the main, a very unimaginative lot. "Challenged" with taking our money, most ask: "so how many miles are you walking/running?". It's tempting to just spend it all on a mega holiday! But we are going to persist - even if we have to take the money, (used fivers in a Tesco carrier bag!) and feed it through their letterbox. Please help us nail some of these charities down. On the flip side, we're absolutely sure we're missing a trick when it comes to getting money in. If you have any brilliant ideas/connections, come and help.
  • Site Manager. Someone to go to if people are driving/parking/camping/erecting where they shouldn't be. Or when they shouldn't be. Also, will be the main point of contact for the venue management, festival security, stewards, waste disposal, etc. Will need to be on site from the time of the first arrivals (Wednesday morning) through to completion of site clearance (Monday evening). This person needs to be very big or very good at shouting! Preferably both.

To apply for any of the above, please email info@chazzstock.org with the Job Title in the subject of the email.

We will also be putting a Volunteers Application form up on the website very shortly.

Here's a range of things you could be doing at Chazzstock 2012:

  • Setting up and dismantling stage, marquees, etc
  • Box office/admin
  • Helping with workshops
  • Stewarding
  • On site traffic & car park assistance
  • Waste Management/Recycling
  • Decorating the tents (and the trees!)
And the benefits:
  • Designated shifts, so time to enjoy the event before or after your shift
  • Refreshments during your shift
  • Space in the staff campsite
  • Mix and mingle with upcoming and established artists, authors, musicians, bands and more!
  • Looks great on your CV.
  • Feel good factor - volunteering for others is rewarding.

If you are considering volunteering then please go to the Volunteers Application Form (coming very soon!).

Traders and Exhibitors

You are welcome to take part in Chazzstock 2012 by filling in the Traders Application Form .

Music Applications are now closed for 2012.